Community Outreach

One of the primary initiatives of Conner’s Legacy Foundation, Inc is to partner with the Department of Children and Families to educate families about the dangers of furniture tip-overs and to provide free anchoring kits to families with open cases. Through this initiative, we would like to provide education to families enrolled in the foster care and adoption orientation sequence as well as to ensure that each family has the appropriate anchoring kits to make their home a secure environment for all children. We would like to encourage furniture safety to be a required safety check on all home studies conducted prior to a child being placed in a home.

Conner’s Legacy Foundation, Inc will attend local community events to spread the message of furniture tip-overs to our community and to provide anchoring kits to families.

Conner’s Legacy Foundation, Inc will work with local pediatricians and hospitals, local organizations, child care settings, and schools, and vacation rentals including local Air BnB and VRBO to ensure that our community is educated and resources are available to prevent a furniture tip over from the taking the life another child.

Conner’s Legacy Foundation, Inc is a voting member of ASTM International for the Committee F15 for Consumer Products, Sub-Sub-Committee F15.42 for Furniture Safety and is actively involved in the various task groups formed to establish effective and appropriate safety standards.

Conner’s mom, Meghan DeLong, is a founding member of the organization Parents Against Tip-Overs which was founded in 2018 and is a nationwide network of parents who want to see an end to TV and furniture tip-over injuries and deaths. This group works collaboratively on a national level to advocate for safer furniture designs, as well as stronger and mandatory furniture making and testing standards for clothing storage units and educates the public about the risk and prevention of tip-overs, including anchoring TVs and furniture.

Conner’s Legacy Foundation partners with the CPSC’s Anchor It! Campaign and is a  Community Leader which includes collaborating with CPSC to share tip-over safety messages, distributing educational materials to individuals, families, and organizations within our network, and receiving support from CPSC in the form of free safety materials and website promotions.

Furniture Tip-Over Prevention


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